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Precision Farming


Enjoy the power of accuracy  

The more knowledge you have the more power you have to make all the right decisions. With Cavendish Agri’s Precision Farming services, you’ll have in-depth accurate information at your fingertips and our experts at your side to help you understand it fully.

Knowing the exact measurements and composition of your fields and having the capability to apply nutrients and lime at variable rates, allows you to optimize your input costs, potentially increasing yields and even helping the environment by using only what you need.

Our wide range of Precision Farming services include: up-to-date technology, in-depth understanding of emerging science and best practices, and your helpful Cavendish Agri expert, to ensure you have all the support you need to take full advantage of these services.

Cavendish Agri’s Precision Farming Services include:

Nutrient Management Plans (NMP)

Have you got the plan you need? 


Increase accuracy, optimize your costs.

Field Mapping

Do you have an accurate picture of your acres?

Grid Sampling

Showing you what and where.

Crop Consulting 

Discover all the advantages of our in-depth knowledge.

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