Nutrient Management Plans (NMP) 


Planning for success 

When you develop a Nutrient Management Plan with Cavendish Agri, you’re mapping out a clear-cut strategy for success in the years ahead.

It’s not just a convenient field planning tool – by its nature, it also assures good soil stewardship and practices that reduce environmental impact.

Our certified NMP planners let you know exactly what you’re putting on your fields and crops and why, maximizing inputs to match crop needs.

Cavendish Agri’s Nutrient Management Plan program will be individually developed in consultation with our Certified NMP planners and could include:

  • Fertilizer plans
  • Manure and/or amendment plan
  • Farm maps, geo-referenced satellite images (where available).
  • Field nutrient balance sheet plans
  • Field Trials for assessing fertility, or crop varieties


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