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Growing Services


The “know how” you need

Want to grow a better crop? Cavendish Agri has all the fertilizers and crop protectants you’re looking for plus the added value of exceptionally knowledgeable experts to assist you at every stage of the season.

We share our in-depth know-how so we can build long-term partnerships with you.

Ask about our educational seminars and presentations. Whether it’s learning more about a new crop protectant or an innovative farming practice, we host sessions regularly year round.

Cavendish Agri Growing Services include:

Crop Scouting

Let us do the walking.

Storage Management

Need help optimizing, monitoring and managing your storage environment?

Potato Sprout Nip

Here to help you to store your potatoes.

Soil and Plant Tissue Sampling

Do you know what’s in your soil and in your plants?

On Farm Field Trials

Custom design and management of many types of trials.

Custom Application

Discover our time-saving services.

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