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Soil and Plant Tissue Sampling


Essential for problem solving and planning

Know precisely what’s in your soil and in your plants. Cavendish Agri will interpret diagnostic analysis of the soil and plant tissue to measure and map the information you need to problem solve or plan.


Is your crop not performing up to par? Not sure what's wrong with it? Your Cavendish Agri agronomist can help you pinpoint exactly what the problem is.

Our trained staff will be able to take soil and tissue samples for you, interpret the results and show you where they see a deficiency in your crop.


At Cavendish Agri Services we can assist you with your spring fertility plans.

We will soil sample all of your fields, sit down with you and discuss your fertility options for your farm. We can customize nutrient requirements so that you are maximizing the benefits of your fertilizer.

Cavendish Agri Soil & plant tissue sampling services allow you to react to your crop needs by providing written diagnostic planning reports such as:
• Composite field sampling
• Grid sampling
• Benchmark sampling
• Disease and deficiency sampling
• Crop Consulting 

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