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On Farm Field Trials


Custom design and management services

In order to help individual growers increase crop yield, quality or solve a problem Cavendish Agri will, at the request of a grower or a supplier, custom design and/or manage many types of trials.

Cavendish Agri's on farm field trials include:

• Soil amendment trials

• Nutrient management trials

• Pollination trials

• Crop protectant trials

• Fertility trials

• Seed spacing trials

• Variety trials

Trial projects for 2015 include:

• 53% of this year's trials are looking at fertility

•20% of the trials are looking at disease control

•12% are variety trials; assessing the performance of varieties in our region(s)

• Other trials include: weed and insect control, growth regulators, population trials, rotational trials and other cultural practices.

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