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Custom Application


Complete attention to detail

Too busy in the spring to get everything done? Cavendish Agri offers time-saving Custom Application services, for lime and fertilizer spreading.

Our GPS equipped, calibrated Rogators, Terragators, and spreader trucks operated by our skilled operators come out to your field and do the work for you.

Plus, with our large fleet of well-maintained equipment we have the ability to meet your scheduling needs even at the busiest of times.

We have invested in the latest technology, including Load Cells and upgraded GPS systems to ensure accurate spreading and coverage rates.

Our attention to details is second to none. We constantly monitor wind and weather conditions to get the job done right – we will not go ahead if the weather conditions will not permit optimal spreading.

Ask about our customized recommendations - precision custom spreading, and nutrient management to accurately address the various fertilizer levels within your fields.

Variable Rate Fertilizer & Lime spreading

Once we’ve helped you measure and map where your nutrient levels are high and low in the field, based on soil sample testing or plant tissue sampling analyses, it’s easy to put the right nutrient in the right place.
With variable rate technology, in conjunction with Cavendish Agri GPS equipped spreaders, we are able to spread lime and fertilizer in the recommended varying rates to where it is needed in the field, thereby, optimizing nutrient input costs by leveling out the nutrient levels in your fields.

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