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The best for your farm and fields 

You’re looking for the spreading equipment that works best for your farm and fields.

Cavendish Agri has a full range of well-maintained, heavy duty equipment and skilled operators to take care of you. We invest regularly in top of the line equipment which are GPS equipped and provide comprehensive training to our staff.

Our fleet of trucks and spreading equipment ensures prompt service during the busy planting season.

Arrangements can also be made to pick up fertilizer and lime at any of our production facilities.

Cavendish Agri’s equipment is available for:

  • Fertilizer spreading (pre-plant and top dress)
  • Lime spreading
  • Wood ash spreading
  • Rock dust spreading
  • Bulk delivery (lime & fertilizer)
  • Trucking (bulk materials by Trout Rivers) sand, wheat, corn
  • Trucking (bulk potatoes)
  • Tote bag delivery 

Cavendish Agri’s Equipment includes:

Spreading Equipment

Get the spreaders, plus the skilled operators you need.

Custom Trucking

Well-maintained, heavy duty equipment available for any season.

Trailers, Trout Rivers and Flat decks

A full range of trailers, Trout Rivers and Flatdecks designed for all kinds of usage.

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