The product, the expertise and the equipment

Bulk Lime

With a variety to choose from, including Brookville Dolomitic, Graymont Hi Mag, Graymont Calcitic and Hydra-Lime +, we’ll recommend the lime that is best suited to your soil conditions after interpreting your soil analysis reports. Take advantage of our in-depth expertise, specialized equipment and highly skilled operators to deliver and/or spread it.

Bagged Lime

Cavendish Agri Services carries pelletized, powdered, and hydrated lime.


Want to add Calcium to your soil without raising the PH? Gypsum is your answer. Available in bags or bulk depending on location.

Field Stripe

This is a great alternative to hydrated lime for marking lines on playing fields (ex. soccer fields). This product is clearly visible, economical and will not burn, cut or scrape.

Look to Cavendish Agri for all your lime needs.

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