The perfect blend of expertise and product

At Cavendish Agri we can blend fertilizer for any crop, from your specific requests to customized blends created in consultation with one of our agronomists.

Different crops require different nutrients and depending on production practices different formulations are required.

With many agronomists on staff, we have the expertise and ability to tailor a fertilizer solution that’s just right for your fields. Take advantage of our in-depth knowledge for all crops in the Atlantic Canada and Northeastern US region.

Cavendish Agri offers fertilizers and nutrients to suit your needs including:

Dry Granular Formulations

With our custom blending operations we can blend just about any possible combination of granular fertilizer. These are available in 25kg, 500kg, 1000kg, or in bulk orders.

Water Soluble and Foliar Sprays

If you are looking to add nutrients through foliar sprays we have you covered. We carry a complete line of water soluble fertilizer.

Turf Fertilizer

If you own a lawn care company, manage a golf course, or are just looking for something to enhance your lawn at home, Cavendish Agri can help.

We have a host of granular, organic, or water soluble fertilizers specifically made for the turf industry.

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