We are your Atlantic Canadian Pride Seed Dealer.  We carry a wide range of soybean varieties suitable for  all different regions across Atlantic Canada and Northern Maine.

Contact our team to determine which variety fits your growing region.

Quick facts about Soybeans:

• Acreage: 10,000 Nova Scotia, 10,000 New Brunswick, 55,000 PEI = Atlantic Canada: 75,000
• Variety - GMO and NON GMO
• Yield Range: 0.5-1.5 MTs
• Markets- domestic -animal feed, export - human consumption
• Key End Products - balanced feeds, soybean meal, soy oil, tofu

Steps to consider for reaching maximum yield potential

• Variety Selection
• Planting Population/Spacing
• Soil prep
• Fertility package (macros micros and foliar nutrients)
• Disease and pest management
• Harvesting
• Storage

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