We know that there are many keys to your success as a berry grower in the Atlantic Canada and Northeast US region and we're here to support you with more than just products and services.

Our long term relationships are built on shared expertise and experience, providing you with invaluable resources you won't find anywhere else.

Throughout the growing season and beyond, we're here to help you with your berries and its challenges.

• Varieties – Low bush (wild) and High Bush
• Yield range per acre - 500-10,000 lbs.
• Key Markets to sell to: domestic fresh and processing and export processed quick frozen
• Key end products: fresh blueberries, blueberry juice, quick frozen blueberries
• Acreage: 1,062 Newfoundland (2011), 12,225 PEI, 41,881 Nova Scotia, 31,925 New Brunswick = Atlantic Canada:87093

Steps to consider for reaching maximum yield potential

• Blueberries (Wild) – Biannual Crop – Sprout phase and Crop phase
• Pruning during sprout phase – mowing or burning
• Site and soil prep
• Fertility package (macros micros and foliar nutrients )
• Pollination vectors
• Disease and pest management
• Harvesting : hand or mechanical 


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