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A valuable investment for the entire industry

Cavendish Agri is committed to continuously expanding our expertise and understanding and contributing to our industry's body of knowledge.

Our research projects provide a larger scale opportunity to acquire knowledge with outcomes that may affect the entire industry as well as individual growers.

The cost and time involved could be spread out over several growing seasons and involves detailed planning, including methodology, ongoing in-field testing, data analysis and final conclusions.

These types of projects are generally done in cooperation with scientists from the provincial or Federal government research laboratories, universities or industrial suppliers such as crop protectant manufacturers.

We pride ourselves on accomplishing several trials each year.  Our goal is to test a wide range of crop protectants to ensure their regional performance and return on investment for the grower.  In 2015 approximately 60% of our trials focused on potatoes, 30% on corn and the remainder on crops such as blueberries, forages, onions, and apples.

53% of the trials are looking at fertility, 20% are looking at disease control, 12% are variety trials and the remainder of the trials are testing weed and insect control, growth regulators, and other cultural practices.

Current ongoing research projects are: 

• Testing bio fumigants as a rotational crop such as mustard and buckwheat for wireworm control in potatoes

• Optimizing nitrogen rates in potatoes




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